Groow business is based on years of field research in combination with the frameworks of Design Thinking and Project-based working. This research resulted in the Groow Business method, toolkit and platform. We’re happy to give you some first insights in the method behind it all.



Design Thinking has grown in popularity over the years beyond the design industry. Design Thinking is aimed at exploring complex problems in their context, and looking for possible, as yet unknown, solutions from the user’s perspective. A lifelong learning mindset is essential, since today’s challenges are opportunities that we have not seen or tackled before. Although Design Thinking is marketed as a process for everyone and flattent to 5 easy to follow phases. The reality is that it takes new skills, a mindset change in your team and management and years of practice. Learning and performing should be in balance. Allowing experimentation and failure without resulting in business risk. Project-based working can be seen as the more practical version of Design Thinking, working with clear goals, deadlines and deliverables. Aligning projects with the organizations needs and mission. In the essence Project-based working is a business framework and Design Thinking as a creative framework. Combining design thinking with project-based working into everyday business creates a breeding ground for the innovation mindset. We call this Design-based working.


The Groow Business method consist of 57 unique building blocks, aka the physical tiles, divided into 4 categories:
Base tiles – With these 5 tiles you can define the structure from a project-based working perspective
Mindsets – The mindset tiles represent 6 innovation attitudes that are desirable in the process
Methods – These are 38 different design thinking and innovation methods and activities
Emotions – The 8 emotions help focusing on how you experience the process

Continuing on this page we will highlight the 6 innovation mindsets. Want to learn about all building blocks of the method? Make sure to get your hands on a toolkit and claim the free access to the online platform.


In a proces in which the “real” problem is not clear and the end result is not set in stone yet, you need to be able to switch mindsets and roles. This allows you to find new insights that, each time, bring you one step closer in designing a meaningful solution. Try out, reflect, iterate and celebrate victories.These are the 6 main innovation mindsets:


Working from an analytical attitude. By looking critically at the challenge, underlying theories, the world around you, or yourself, more understanding is created to base new design decisions on.


Working from an empathic attitude. You are going to do all kinds of activities where you mainly have to deal with people. By being open, you get to know your target group and the world around the challenge really well.


Working from an open-minded attitude. You will mainly come up with new ideas and concepts. Dare to dream. By carrying out activities with a creative attitude, you come to new insights and perspectives.


Working from a practical attitude. Roll up your sleeves and do do do! Don’t get too caught up in your thoughts, but try things out in the real world. Learning by doing and making ideas, concepts and thoughts tangible.


Working from a curious attitude. When you are going to involve others in your process, this open attitude is important to collect feedback or information without acting biased.


Working form a progressive attitude. When a solution has been devised and is ready to make impact. You need to think beyond the designed solution to make the implementation in the real world a succes.


Our aim is to spark as much positive change as possible. Therefor we train other professionals in becoming a pro in facilitating and managing innovation processes through the method of Groow Business.
The training is a 3-day program, which teaches the participants the core principles, application possibilities, coaching techniques and use cases.


Groow Business is a product by Studio Tast. Studio Tast is a multi-disciplinary design agency specialized in designing innovative learning experiences. Over the years our strategic designers coached several businesses in growing their innovation mindset and saw the need for tooling to facilitate design processes. This is where we joined forces with the innovation team of DLL. Over the past 2 years we have researched and designed Groow Business with care. And now sharing our results with you to spark your creativity. Want to contribute to the continuation of our research? Feel free to contact Mitchell Jacobs, Creative Director of Studio Tast, to explore the possibilities.